A philosofy. A smartband. A switch. A magic app.

The Wristband

The HeartSwitch wristband, includes a unique special rubber cuff having the most common features of the best last generation smart bands, such as pedometer, sleep monitoring, sport timing, calling and SMS real-time display, smart reminder with icon display alarm, as well as a beautiful and unique color screen and a multi-touch control system, to scroll through the slide-menu.

Main Features:

  • Heart rate monitor
    With a reflective type photoelectric heart rate sensor, record your heartbeat accurately, so that you can view your sports data
  • Sleep monitor
    Record your sleep state and time, help you know your sleep conditions better
  • Lifestyle measure
    You can set sports goal, measure sports distance, steps, calories, but it's no stopwatch function
  • Call and SMS remind
    Vibrate to remind you to answer the call (display name and number only if it's in your phonebook), and SMS remind is also like that
  • Anti-loss
    For you who are always smart, you will be alerted with a vibration when your cell phone is far from the range of action
  • Practical Remote control
    You can use the multi-touch sensor to turn On/Off some sockets, with programmable double and triple-taps
  • Smart design
    OLED 64 colors display, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, multitouch screen with 8 sensitive-zone for a finger-scroll menu and a cool magnetic charger


The switches

We give you two options to choose whether you want to integrate a relay or a universal power outlet into your kit. You can also pledge multiple outlets or relays. For rewards that involve the roll-out of multiple actuators, you can come as you like. So, at the end of the our crowdfunding campaign, each supporter will be contacted to choose the preferred product. For bundles, different sockets and relays can be mixed as you wish.

By default, we will produce only one international outlet with universal contacts but we will produce with international standards instead that one universal socket for pledged of a better crowdfunding goal.
The special relay structure and his pinout may slightly differ to the final product after the crowdfunding campaign.

The Magic app

HeartSwitch includes an IOS and Android compatible app that lets you to access to all your statistics and data tracking, through product and user registration. This incredible app will control the world around you.

These images them you see for the app are just the drafts of our concept, benchmarking the works done by our competitor. The definitive app may be different from what you see. Thanks to your contribution we are wiping out apps that look like this and have these features. We will keep you up to date on developments. HeartSwitch also has the ability to interface with IFTTT platform for automate web-application task and manage your smart home appliances (see all services at: https://ifttt.com/search/)

New frontier for I.o.T UX

It will be possible to remotely manage the devices connected to your system, as well as they can follow the heartbeat. HeartSwitch intends to introduce an innovative platform of "made to order" scalable application communities.

Bio Home-automation

The continuous tracking system, through BLE 4.0 with low power consumption, will allow the activation of selected appliances, almost in real time.

Appliance verticalizations

Future verticalizations. In the future we will be partnering with companies to integrate their products (washing machine, boiler, cradle, armchair, remote alarm, home teather, etc) with our system.

Cloud connection

You will have a cloud based private area where you can follow your data without needing the app
Are you a reseller or distributor?
You can buy our bundle for resale or ask us for a customized solution for your customers.
We need you to make our philosophy a real revolution

Made in Italy - Made with ❤️


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