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The HeartSwitch project started in 2012.
Clemente Cipresso is 34 years old and works as a cardiac surgery perfusionist. His daily life is made of continuous work and repeated cases of heart surgery. A July 2016 day was in the operating room for a surgical operation of the mitral valve. After a couple of hours, the intervention had worked perfectly and everyone was getting ready to finish the last thing. Unfortunately, at the time of the aorta opening and of the extracorporeal interruption, the heart was struggling to produce a satisfactory heartbeat. It was, in essence, spread badly. Given the situation, the first cardio surgeon decided to use a defibrillator with which he sent an electrical impulse directly to the heart muscle. After a few seconds (fortunately), the electrocardiogram signal appeared on the monitor and the heart spread correctly. Clemente in those moments thought: "the energy of the heart now comes out andthe light of life around us is shining!". It was the first time that he imagined an energy coming from the heart. On the same days with his old friend, Arturo Verde, he kept on working for a long time on a project named FeedSwitch. It was a device capable of reading various sources on the web (feeds), and using them as inputs to activate devices in the home of each of us.
Particularly in those days Arturo had finally developed a prototype and made it after more than four years of research and a first part of the software.
Indeed, these were third-party external data, not produced by the user. In the afternoon, Clemente told about his day in Arturo's room, with whom he quickly agreed that it would be interesting to have a triggering factor that came from a physiological demand of the user. There was in fact an "energy" of which he had still little to say: the heartbeat.
The two young people thought that integrating the two ideas could give rise to something wonderful.
A few weeks later, following a mountain hike with Arturo, after a weighty physical activity, the Clemente heart rate monitor was fixed at thresholds above 90 beats per minute.
Unexpectedly that bracelet represented the keystone. Arturo suggested that FeedSwitch could have considered the heart rate "gap stepper". First they thought to open the window in the morning while heart rate was increasing or to switch off the lights when you are sleeping. The possibilities and the ideas that aroused were countless. On their return they talked for a long time about the project. They could not wait to go home go to work just then...


Arturo and Clemente work on the day after the mountains hike.


We would like to share our dream with you. The dream of having another engine, in addition to our brain, to determine the life around us: "The heart become the pulsing-core through which everything is possible".

The HeartSwitch™ kit that includes:

  • a special rubber wristband device allow to detects and transmits the physiological parameters, powered by Bluetooth 4.1;
  • a software asset to configure, elaborates and transmits the output signal upon the occurrence of certain events;
  • an activating device (allow to ON/OFF switching socket or relay) that receives the signal, and can be activated / deactivated your home-appliances.

The revolutionary concept is that the electrical equipment (the switches), will not be activated by our voluntary thoughts and actions but simply triggered by physiological responses of our body.

HeartSwitch™ is the beginning of the “Bio-automation” and “Wearable Technology” revolution, that sciences is able to improve quality life starting from the signals of our organs (electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromyography, blood pressure, respiratory flow/volume). Heartswitch™ is a project developed by Clemente Cipresso and Arturo Verde experts in cardiology and information and communication technology.

Main Features:
- Heart rate monitor
With a reflective type photoelectric heart rate sensor, record your heartbeat accurately, so that you can view your sports data
- Sleep monitor
Record your sleep state and time, help you know your sleep conditions better
- Remote control
Yo can use the multi-touch sensor to turn On/Off some sockets
- Lifestyle measure
You can set sports goal, measure sports distance, steps, calories, but it's no stopwatch function
- Practical functions
Remote take photos from your phone and unidirectional anti-lost by connecting Bluetooth
- Call remind and SMS remind
Vibrate to remind you to answer the call (display name and number only if it's in your phonebook, otherwise just number ), and SMS remind is also like that

Please note: the heart rate, blood pressure and Sp02 monitoring data is just for reference. This bracelet does not apply to diagnose, tratment, recovery, prevent, reduce th disease or other situation. It also will not apply to clinical medical usege.


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